PHILIPPINE agriculture, financial technology and cybersecurity companies are expected to benefit from increased cooperation in digitization and sustainability between India and the Philippines, Indian Ambassador to the Philippines Shambhu S. Kumaran said.

“We have identified areas that we want to focus on, the center of development imperatives will be agriculture, and the digital economy,” Mr. Kumaran said on the sidelines of the India-Philippines tech summit on Tuesday.

The Philippines can take advantage of India’s approach to digitalizing agriculture and modernizing farming practices.

“I think the idea is to try and see what has happened with the deployment of digital tech in the Indian agriculture sector, and for the Philippines to look at absorbing that and leveraging that to increase productivity here,” Mr. Kumaran said.

In the digital economy, the Philippines can benefit from India’s tech industry’s cybersecurity expertise, he said.

“India’s tech industry is a trillion-dollar business, it is a very big industry, and it is growing very rapidly and transforming the way companies operate,” he added.

“We are having a conversation around cybersecurity. I think the Philippines is looking at broad basing its partnerships on cybersecurity. And obviously, we would like to start with cooperation between our cyber emergency response teams.”

Earlier, the Department of Information and Communications Technology said it is expecting cyberattacks to further increase as cyberattackers take advantage of the growth in the digital economy. — Ashley Erika O. Jose