TRADE SECRETARY Ramon M. Lopez said FedEx Corp.’s Clark capacity is expected to expand around five times amid plans to use Clark as a transshipment base.

In a statement issued out of Washington, DC, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) said transshipment status will mean FedEx will conduct hub-and-spoke operations at Clark. Hub and spoke means packages arriving in Clark will be reloaded to other aircraft that will proceed to their specific regional destinations.

FedEx discussed its plans with DTI officials, Presidential Adviser on Flagship Programs and Projects Vivencio B. Dizon. Representing the company at the April 18 meeting was Vice-President Ralph Carter.

Mr. Dizon was in attendance to address FedEx concerns about the processing of documentation that will enable speedy transfers at the hub.

Mr. Carter said FedEx is looking to initiate Phase 2 of its project in Clark as soon as possible. FedEx’s Phase 1 facility is 7,000 square meters.

He also cited the need for clear and flexible rules to ensure that transit goods that come into the Philippines are not stopped and inspected.

In February 2022, FedEx executives met virtually with Board of Investments (BoI) Managing Head and Trade Undersecretary Ceferino S. Rodolfo to discuss FedEx’s expansion plans and to seek assistance in getting the Bureau of Customs to agree to rules governing transshipments.