ACCENTURE said it launched a center that hopes to promote inclusive initiatives for people with disabilities (PWDs).

On Wednesday, Accenture formally launched its Suite of Accessibility Solutions, which provides technology and equipment that will allow their employees who are people with disabilities (PWD) to be more productive at work through the use of accessibility equipment.

Accenture Managing Director in the Philippines Lito T. Tayag said at the launch, “We take pride in developing and pioneering this initiative in the Philippines, which underscores our unwavering commitment in advancing inclusion and diversity and welfare of our people.”

The Suite of Accessibility Solutions is also the first of its kind for Accenture globally, with the Philippines serving as the group’s launch market. The center formalizes various efforts over the years to adapt technology as it became available that had the potential to be harnessed to assist Accenture’s own PWD employees.

Accenture Intelligent Cloud and Infrastructure Lead Paul Ranjan said at the launch that the dedicated space provides options for various types of PWD, adding: “We need to come up with different solutions because each person has a different disability.”

The center will allow employees to test tools and equipment that will enable them to do better at work. The technologies and equipment available aid those with disabilities in hearing, speech, sight, and mobility. Accenture Inclusion and Diversity Lead Marixi Carlos added that the center hopes to create an environment that recognizes each individual’s specific needs in order to enhance their potential.

“We are enabling our people with best-fit technologies that will unlock their unique talents helping them to succeed professionally and personally,” she said.

More centers will also be launched soon, with one in Cebu by December. — Gillian M. Cortez