PHILIPPINE imports of dairy products are estimated at 2.7 metric tons of liquid milk equivalent (MT LME), up from 2.5 million in 2017 the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN) said.
GAIN said the Philippines is the sixth-largest market for US dairy products by value at $225 million and the fourth-largest by volume at 125,000 MT.
GAIN said that the Philippines produces less than 1% of its total annual dairy requirement. Domestic milk production is expected to hit 24,000 MT in 2018 and 25,000 MT in 2019, with 63% representing cow’s milk, 34% carabao, and 3% goat.
GAIN estimated average milk production per animal in the Philippines at 8 liters per day due to poor feed, management practices, high production costs and lack of adequate dairy infrastructure. Average daily milk yields in the US are at 30 liters per day. In the UK it is 20 liters per day.
According to the Philippine National Daily Authority (NDA), milk production rose to 22,760 MT in 2017 from 21,160 in 2016, of which 14,400 MT was cow’s milk. The average farmgate price of milk was P36.27 ($0.67) so far this year.
The US farmgate price in July was around $0.07 per liter.
GAIN noted that the NDA is hampered by the unavailability of cross-bred animals suitable for tropical climates.
Annual per-capita milk consumption in the Philippines is estimated at 22 kilograms. Thailand is at 26 kg, Malaysia 52 kg, and the US 287 kg.
Major suppliers to the Philippines by volume are New Zealand with a 42% share, the US with 20%, and Australia with 6%. — Reicelene Joy N. Ignacio