THE country’s inventory of frozen pork for the week ending July 3 rose 3.81% year on year, according to the Department of Agriculture’s National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS).

The frozen pork inventory was 19,321.29 metric tons (MT), against 18,612.94 MT a year earlier, the NMIS said. The total fell from the 19,589.09 MT recorded for the week ending June 26.

Imported pork in government-accredited cold storage facilities amounted to 18,388.11 MT, while the inventory of domestically produced pork was 933.18 MT.

Meanwhile, the NMIS also reported dressed chicken inventory for the week ending July 3 of 13,966.69 MT, down 13.14% from a year earlier and up 22.69% from a week earlier.

The inventory of domestically produced dressed chicken fell 20.14% to 7,403.29 MT while stocks of imported dressed chicken fell 33.82% to 6,563.40 MT.

The bulk of the dressed chicken was in cold storage in the National Capital Region. — Janina C. Lim