SCHNEIDER Electric Philippines, Inc. has called for efficiency and sustainability in the operations of private companies as it showcased its products during the company’s Innovation Day 2023 event.

“Global social and environmental changes are accelerating. Now is the time for companies to rethink who they are and what they do to ensure future resilience,” Schneider Electric Philippines President Ireen G. Catane told participants of the event on Tuesday.

“Efficiency and sustainability are their passport to operate, thrive, and make an impact, today and tomorrow,” she added.

During the event, Schneider Electric showcased its product lines through its “innovation hub,” demonstrating how these can aid companies in achieving energy efficiency and sustainability.

“We represent a wide range of segments and markets, from design firms, power and grid, power and service provider, real estate, manufacturing, and many more,” Ms. Catane said.

Keynote speakers were also invited including officials from Schneider Electric, the Department of Energy, Aboitiz Power Corp., and Manila Electric Co. (Meralco).

Meanwhile, in a panel discussion with key officials, Meralco First Vice-President and Chief Sustainability Officer Raymond B. Ravelo said that the Philippines does not have a sufficient supply of renewable energy.

“The challenge in the Philippines right now is the current supply of renewable energy,” Mr. Ravelo said.

“There is currently a lack of green energy infrastructure such as solar farms and hydroelectric plants, so it’s quite a challenge to find and produce green power,” he added.

Mr. Ravelo said the Energy department is creating plans for green energy and sustainable infrastructures, emphasizing the need for partnerships to accelerate sustainability.

“There must be a very close and collaborative relationship between the private and public sectors,” he said. — Adrian H. Halili