LISTED building solutions provider Holcim Philippines, Inc. has launched what it described as the country’s first water-repellent cement product that can protect homes from water-based damage.

In a press release on Thursday, Holcim said its “Holcim Aqua X” is a blended cement that is more environment-friendly than similar products in the market. The new product, which was rolled out to select customers in Davao, will be widely available in Mindanao by the end of the year.

It said Holcim Aqua X contains “Active Water-Repellent Boosters” that prevent damage.

“These make it easier to build water-resistant structures compared with current practices, where builders apply a repellent on walls or include a water-proofing compound to the concrete mix,” it said.

Holcim said it developed the water-repellent cement to respond to customers’ demands for a product that protects structures against excess moisture.

In a survey by a third party commissioned by the firm, 70% of home owners and contractors in Davao identified water protection as an important consideration in projects. Some 300 respondents were interviewed for the survey.

“This new product highlights our great advantage in developing exciting products,” Holcim Philippines President and Chief Executive Officer Horia-Ciprian Adrian said, adding that Holcim Aqua X is more eco-friendly than other products.

“Being a blended cement, Holcim Aqua X is more environment-friendly than others in the market because it uses less clinker thus having lower carbon footprint,” he added.

The launch of Holcim Aqua X comes as the company continues the rollout of its specialized line of construction solutions.

Last year, it introduced Holcim Multifix, a multi-purpose mortar that seeks to improve the quality of walls, floors and tile installations in building projects.

In 2019, the company came out with road infrastructure cement “Holcim Solido,” which became a significant part of its product mix and acted as an alternative to the commonly used ordinary Portland cement.

The company has five cement manufacturing facilities in La Union, Bulacan, Batangas, Misamis Oriental, and Davao, as well as aggregates and dry mix business and technical support facilities for building solutions.

Shares of Holcim in the local bourse improved 4.71% or 26 centavos to close at P5.78 apiece on Thursday. — Angelica Y. Yang