BOUNTY Agro Ventures, Inc. (BAVI) said it had managed to minimize its business losses even while the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic persisted.

In a statement, BAVI President Ronald R. Mascariñas said the company had expanded its business through creating new trade channels such as rolling stores that made its products more accessible to consumers despite the lockdown.

“We are among the lucky ones. We managed to minimize expected business losses at the start of the quarantine period in mid-March,” Mr. Mascariñas said.

In March, the company’s chicken rotisserie chain, Chooks-to-Go, launched a nationwide mobile store that also served products under its Uling Roasters and Bounty Fresh brands. BAVI said its rolling store had also partnered with barangays and village leaders.

“As a result, we are approaching the coming regimes of easing restrictions, a stronger organization with more products, and a healthier financial position,” Mr. Mascariñas said.

The company also sold live chicken sourced from its 400 contract growing partners, which kept Bounty’s supply chain stable throughout the lockdown period.

However, Mr. Mascariñas said the company needs to adjust to the new environment as the country has shifted to the more relaxed general community quarantine.

“We at BAVI met the difficult challenges of the last two months not by retreating but by advancing and expanding,” Mr. Mascariñas said.

BAVI claims to be the country’s second largest poultry integrator, together with its sister company Bounty Fresh Foods, Inc.

The company’s retail brands include Chooks-to-Go, Uling Roasters, and Adobo Connection. — Revin Mikhael D. Ochave