JAPAN’s Tajima Roofing Inc., a building materials maker, opened its first flagship store in the Philippines to highlight its tile products, its local partner Future Flooring Inc. said.
The store at Shangri-la Plaza Mall in Madaluyong features vinyl tiles for various applications including hospitals, gyms, and outdoor spaces.
“Vinyl is a very good option because it is not affected by termites, it does not expand (when exposed to) weather. It can take on water… (Tajima also has) certain flooring for special applications like sports… and for outdoors. You rarely see vinyl flooring used outdoors,” Roy C. Chua, managing director of Future Flooring, Inc., Tajima’s exclusive distributor in the Philippines, told BusinessWorld.
Tajima’s floor tile product line also addresses various specialized applications like flooring for event spaces and flame-retardant carpet tiles.
“We want to bring something new to educate the Philippine market,” Kyuko Hayama, Tajima’s manager for international markets, told BusinessWorld.
Ms. Hayama added that the company expects the use of marble and ceramics for floorings to fade and be replaced by vinyl, which is easier to install and more environmentally friendly.
“Basically, we want to grow together with the Philippine economy,” Yoshio Kotake, Tajima executive vice president told BusinessWorld through an interpreter. — Vincent Mariel P. Galang