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Joining the growing list of resources that Filipinos can access while in quarantine, Eskwelabs just announced they are now offering two free data science courses: Covid Aral-Aral, a data science prep course, and Analytics SkillsCourse, a digital course with classes on data analytics, productivity, and mindsets for success.

Eskwelabs is a Manila-based education technology startup looking to help those who might benefit from upskilling while in quarantine.

Covid Aral-Aral

A basic Python programming program, this version of Covid Aral-Aral was specifically designed for those who are affected by the lockdown and are excited about a data- and tech-filled future. Content is released on a fixed schedule and is complemented with a peer-supported online study group where members get to discuss exercises and share answers.

“We designed it this way because we know that self-paced online courses do not work. Most people simply do not enjoy learning alone and that’s why you see such low completion rates for online courses,” said Angela Chen, co-founder and CEO of Eskwelabs. “We know that many are looking for ways to learn a new skill, but people’s preference to learn socially still remains the same. So we thought, why not create a Covid-19 edition of Aral-Aral and share our resources with the public for free.”

Analytics SkillsCourse

In line with the company’s mission of providing in-demand skills that add value to people’s careers, Analytics SkillsCourse is a virtual program for those currently working – or are looking to work – remotely during and after the quarantine period, especially in the Virtual Assistant (VA) market. Eskwelabs analyzed both the supply and demand sides of the said market and learned that VAs who had data analysis skills commanded higher wages.
As explained by Chen, “We want to democratize our programs since data science is an elite set of skills. We already developed a curriculum for business intelligence which teaches learners how to use existing tools instead of creating them, so the Analytics course was a natural next step.”

The course has twelve live classes and is on a pay-what-you-can model.