THE CEBU City government has partnered with local software developer Sugbotek, Inc. for a mobile-based application that will serve as an emergency dispatch and civilian reporting system. Sugbotek has developed the Guardian, an app that will help respond to people in need of immediate assistance during natural and human-induced emergencies such as fire, medical and crime incidents. Barangays are urged to cooperate in allocating their existing resources such as desktop computers, fixed telephone lines, mobile phones, and internet connection to use the program. They are also called to register their existing assets for emergency response such as fire trucks, ambulances, mobile patrol vehicles. Residents with proficiency in response operations are also encouraged to enroll in the system so that they can be tapped to help during emergencies. Sugbotek intends to introduce Guardian as a form of public service, which would have no cost to those in an emergency situation and the responders. A technical training on how to operate and maintain Guardian will also be provided for the Cebu City’s Information Technology Department and the city’s emergency call takers and responders. — The Freeman