Backed by Vlight, Sofanovel is entering the global reading industry

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Vlight, the leading Singapore-based provider of integrated internet communications services committed to improving the quality of lives, has stepped into the online publishing and reading industry. Sofanovel, their latest product on online publishing and reading services, has been launched officially on the 15th of November with the intention to create another platform of global influence in this new business category. The app can already be downloaded in the App Store and the Play Store globally.

Sofanovel aims to create a reliable and user-friendly platform for both writers and readers. Various types of contracts are offered to their aspiring writers, providing them countless and utmost chances to monetize their books and novels. All passionate writers, seasoned or neophyte, are allowed to upload their stories to the platform for free. Sofanovel’s editor Yvonne revealed that they would accept stories of all genres, like romance, fantasy, LGBTQ, thriller, etc.

This is a really great news for all Filipino story and novel lovers and writers! Filipino readers will not just have abundant choices of novels to read from various writers globally, they are also encouraged to write their own novels and earn from it at the same time. This is also a good news to all Filipino novel writers who are looking for an avenue to showcase their work as the platform provides a global audience. Sofanovel aims to inspire Filipino writers and boost the local literature. They are also encouraged to join the international novel writing competition which is held at Sofanovel platform regularly to boost the literary content creators.

Yvonne also shared that after the review from Sofanovel Editors Group, every novel of high quality, regardless the writers popularity in the platform or online, will have the chance to receive a contract offer. It has been proven by more than one hundred writers who have participated in the First Sofanovel Romance Writing Contest. Over 40% of the participants have contracted with Sofanovel at a lovely package. Though the first international contest has been finished, the writer recruitment program is still ongoing. If you’re interested in being a writer and looking for a way to start, Sofanovel showcases an opportunity to begin your career in its platform with global distribution and exposure.

With an exceptional understanding of the ecosystem, Sofanovel also values its readers. To make the reading experience more convenient, a website perfectly adapted to both PC and Mobile phone has been launched online together with the Mobile App for both Android & IOS. Readers are able to continue their reading anytime and anywhere without any interruption.

Backed by Vlight, Sofanovel revels in the abundant technical strength and applies the advanced recommendation algorithm to their own product, which enables the readers to get a real-time recommendation of original stories based on their own interests. Besides, if the readers would like to read the pay-to-read stories, various recharge amount levels are offered for flexibility. This feature is beneficial for those who want to start small and are curious to explore the new and advanced reading experience.

“With the help of our writers and readers, our team is definitely employing tremendous efforts to optimize our platform. After all, our simple vision is to create an excellent platform and community for writers and readers all around the world.” Yvonne said.


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