AUSTRALIAN brand Breville is releasing two new machines that will make your morning cup of coffee taste like it was made by a pro.

The Barista Express Impress is the newest model from Breville Philippines and is Breville’s first assisted manual espresso machine. One of the star features of the model is its Impress Puck System which helps craft the best cup. The system involves intelligent dosing which automatically calculates the coffee dose one needs. From there, the machine will precisely tamp the coffee for an even flow with about 10kg of pressure in its impression, and a seven-degree barista twist, just to make it pretty and give it a human touch. The system also gauges when the correct level of coffee is achieved and makes sure to use this for the next brewing.

The Barista Express Impress also delivers Third Wave Specialty Coffee using the “four keys” formula which, other than providing the ideal dosage, also sets the right temperature, optimal pressure, and sufficient steam for one’s coffee, like Breville’s previous models.

Meanwhile, the Breville Barista Pro fuses precision with speed with its Thermojet Heating System. This provides the optimum extraction temperature — where most flavor compounds easily dissolve in water during the coffee brewing process — in three seconds with a single touch of a button. The machine has a professional 54mm stainless steel portafilter and a high-pressure nine-bar extraction process from a 15-bar Italian pump and a steam wand.

The Breville Express Impress retails for P69,999, while the Breville Barista Pro retails for P79,999. They are available at all major appliance stores that carry Breville. Customers can trade up their own Breville espresso machines for a Breville Barista Pro. — Joseph L. Garcia