Aspiring authors can join the Spark Books Accelerator Program, a crowdfunding program that simplifies the self-publishing process, and connect with resources—editors, layout artists, proofreaders, etc.—who can help bring their work to life. 

Launched by the Spark Project, the accelerator program uses a similar model as the local crowdfunding platform that matches creators with backers who are willing to pitch in money for ideas they find compelling and worthwhile.

The first book under Spark Books is Respark, written by the Spark Project co-founder Patrick “Patch” Dulay. The first-time author admitted struggling through the writing process, despite having friends—published writers—guiding him through it. Apart from the crowdfunding component, the accelerator program supports creators, step-by-step, through the process of writing and publishing a book. 

An author that self-publishes a book typically has complete creative control, higher book royalty rates, and full autonomy over the publishing process. 

“I’m a guinea pig for this program,” said Mr. Dulay. “It is a one-stop shop for aspiring authors. This process will serve as a learning exercise for me and a template we can use for other aspiring authors out there.”

Spark Books is starting with self-published books, with plans to expand to other forms of creative work. A listing fee of P2,500 is needed to be featured on the website and get a project started. The Spark Project also collects a percentage fee from the total amount raised in a campaign. The overall out-of-pocket investment will vary from author to author, depending on what other expenses they think they need.

“The beauty of crowdfunding is that it [offsets expenses]. Our goal is for the whole process to pay for itself,” said Mr. Dulay. — Patricia B. Mirasol