Feeling blue

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BLUECHEM products have been used exclusively in various auto dealerships in the Philippines since 2009. Now, the German brand’s range of cleaners and flushers for engines and transmissions can be purchased directly by consumers through select stores and online channels. Among the products offered by BlueChem Philippines are its oil system cleaner, which the company said can thoroughly flush out the old oil so this would not contaminate the fresh oil put into the engine; the gasoline and diesel fuel system cleaner that can emulsify water entering fuel lines and tanks; the Nano engine protection that provides an extra film of anti-friction barrier and lubrication for internal engine components; the transmission flush and conditioner that are said to also recondition seals and gaskets; and the Klima Fresh and foam cleaner for air-conditioners, which can eliminate bad odor and ensure that fresh air flows into the system, BlueChem said.