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Nanette Franco-Diyco

Working for Coca-Cola, creative agencies McCann Worldgroup, Ogilvy One, and Visual Latina have all come up with different executions which together comprise a sparkling fully integrated marketing communications campaign.

Pairing off with Coca-Cola

I was first pulled into it early last month by an interesting ultra-simple 30-seconder on television that had a couple of young teen girl coming home from school for lunch. They are obviously down in the dumps, one having lost her cellphone, the other having been ignored by her crush. The lunch fare on the table does not whet their appetites as their woes get the better of them. Mom, overhearing the girls, whips out a bottle of Coca-Cola. This joyfully distracts them, and we watch them digging into the lunch in front of them, their appetites reawakened by Coca-Cola.

This “Making that meal moment special with Coke” by McCann was swiftly rolled out to the Asian region. Simultaneously, Ogilvy One cascaded over social media an interactive campaign with visuals centering on a bottle of Coca-Cola, egging viewers to post what in their opinion would go well with Coca-Cola. The same target market swiftly responded with their own pairings with Coke, some more amusing than others.

Visual Latina, on the other hand, prioritizing shoppers marketing, zeroed in on real plates of favorite foods and began covering the metropolis with huge billboards, each featuring different dishes paired with Coca-Cola and witty humorous headlines.

Along EDSA nearing TriNoma, way on top of all the hundreds of cars, buses, and jeepneys plying the highway, the tallest billboard trumpeted Coca-Cola’s message with our favorite lechon kawali: “Malaman ka, Sexy ako, Bagay tayo!” (You are full/fatty [referring to the pork dish]. I am sexy [referring to the Coke bottle]. We match!)

Along C5, Coca-Cola is paired with a dish of spaghetti: “Italian ka man o Pinoy, bagay tayo!” (Whether you are Italian or Filipino, we match!)

With a dish of adobo (pork and/or chicken stewed in soy sauce and vinegar): “Kahit may toyo ka, Bagay ka. May asim ka pa! Bagay tayo!” (Even if you have soy sauce, you match. You are even sour. We match!)

Along SLEx, near Merville: With a dish of pinakbet (a vegetable dish often made with ampalaya or bitter melon): “Kahit minsan, bitter ka, Bagay tayo!” (Even though you are at times bitter, we match!)

I would expect a rollout to the provinces to feature the province’s special foods.

Jesus Ferreira, IMC director of Coca-Cola Philippines, said: “We take inspiration from all the wonderful moments we see during lunchtime, dinner, and school breaks where family and friends enjoy the company of each other. The newest campaign highlights how these everyday meals are always better enjoyed with the refreshing taste of Coke.”

Of course, McCann’s radio spots feature other favorite food fare like barbecue, bistek (beef sautéed with onions), adobo, ending the spots with a different twist: “Coca-Cola, hindi kumpleto, kung wala ka” (Coca-Cola is not complete if you’re not here.).

It’s a win-win strategy all around, where the entire populace is known to love all sorts of food during all hours of the day and night. We were at Café Juanita last Sunday for lunch and heard our very first Christmas carol for the year. This pre-Christmas season is definitely going to get the whole Coca-Cola campaign flexed for more eating and pairings!

Take a bow, Coca-Cola, McCann Worldgroup, Ogilvy One and Visual Latina for a sterling integrated marketing communication campaign!

Nanette Franco-Diyco ended her 15th year advertising career as Vice-President of JWT, segueing into the world of academe, currently teaching communications at the Ateneo de Manila University.