Ads & Ends — Nanette Franco-Diyco

SAN MIGUEL’S omnibus beer advertising campaign stands way above the beer commercials that we have long been exposed to — and must I say, that we have all gotten used to.

Elegance in drinking beer

This TV commercial spells elegance in everything you see and everything you hear.

Of course, ad agency McCann World Group makes it clear from the very beginning that this is from the viewpoint of a woman whom a man takes out on a special date. And indirectly, you get the feeling that the man with her would meet the standards the woman defines.

As a matter of fact, the scriptwriter gets the woman to describe the kind of man she wants in a date, referring to the man she is with. The characteristics of the man pointed out in every scene are spot on. I like the creative use of different women with different dates in their own scenarios, while a voice-over intones the basic desires of each woman.

Renowned veteran director Jun Reyes is truly in his element, capturing the emotions of both the man and the woman in each date/party setup. Except for the opening rain scene which was shot on location in Chinatown, all were studio shots done in two shooting days. Impressive production design, too.

The commercial opens casually with a couple sharing a man’s jacket spread over their heads to shield them from the pouring rains. Here begins what many women would consider characteristics of an ideal man.

Bakit nga ba gusto kita? (Come to think of it, why do I like you?)” This is voice-over we hear, accompanying the couple as they run for shelter from the rains. It serves as the introduction to more couples, featured one at a time, dressed in their finery.

Call their scenes vignettes. Although they’re altogether different from each other, no one will deny that they also have important common denominators. I must salute the talent caster for each of the women, who appear naturally beautiful. They’re not celebrity models or actresses but portray good-looking, intelligent women with exquisite taste. And each has particular quests for traits of a good man.

Director Jun Reyes goads each to enjoy her date and then kind of turn toward the camera at some point to reveal the trait she has discovered in her man.

One likes feeling safe with him.

One says she likes a man with common sense.

Another likes sincerity.

Another says she likes a man who respects limits.

This woman likes a man who is demonstrably caring.

It’s a complicated directorial task to present these different traits without the cast appearing to engage in a simple enumeration, considering the similarity of situations they must act in. Director Jun met the challenge with flying colors.

What turns out to be climactic is that all of the characteristics divulged in each situation turns out to be one great build-up, descriptive of different San Miguel beers! Clever flow indeed!

Mitzie Lim-Nacianceno, McCann AVP and associate managing partner, describes the relationship of San Miguel Beer and Filipinos: “In the Philippines, when you say San Miguel Beer, you almost always equate it to friendships and connections. For the past 125 years, the brand has been the ambassador and advocate of strengthening barkadahan, pagkakakilanlan, tawanan, usapan, and most definitely, samahan (friendship, identity, laughter, conversation, and camaraderie).

“For its next 125 years, the brand has decided to make its battle cry stronger and more relevant by strengthening the Filipino brand of samahan through the value of sincerity.

“San Miguel Beer believes that, at a time and in a category where credibility and intentions in connections are being questioned every second, sincerity has never been more relevant. That is why this TVC (commercial), as seen through the eyes of women, celebrates and recognizes the men who live by sincerity.

“With this TVC, San Miguel Beer hopes that in the next 125 years, Filipinos build more Samahang Walang Katulad (Camaraderie Without Comparison) with sincerity at the core of every authentic connection.”

Good conclusion of Mitzie here, considering that McCann is the sole ad agency that has handled the San Miguel Beer account continuously for decades.

Credits. Client-company, San Miguel Brewery, Inc.: Menlou Bibonia, senior vice-president, marketing head; Vinky Abalos, AVP, marketing services head; and Guio Manalo, brand assistant.

Ad Agency, McCann Worldgroup: Mitzie Lim-Nacianceno, AVP, associate managing partner; Ian Panlilio, associate business group director; Randy Tiempo, creative director; and Flem Anonuevo, art director.

Production house, Indiego Productions: Jun Reyes, director; Cecile Guidote, executive producer; Dexter Manalo, producer; Leslie Garchitorena, director of photography; Adelina Leung, production designer; Charisse Espanol, production manager; Jojo Atienza, assistant director; Claire Villa Real, editor; Sunshine Flores, makeup artist; and Genevive Mercado, caster.

Post-production, Riot Inc.: Kuckoy de la Cruz, producer; Emil Batungbakal, colorist; and Serjohn Bato, online editor.

Leo Mercado, agency producer.

Nanette Franco-Diyco ended her 15th year advertising career as Vice-President of JWT, segueing into the world of academe, currently teaching communications at the Ateneo de Manila University.