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Nanette Franco-Diyco

BIRCH TREE Fortified was recently launched in the huge milk category, where consumers are always on the lookout for more affordable ways to provide nutrition for their families. PC&V Communications, Inc. wisely grabbed the opportunity for Birch Tree to strengthen its equity as “everybody’s milk,” a milk that can cater to more members of the family.

Birch Tree challenges as ‘everybody’s milk’

I like the strategy embraced by this challenger milk brand as dramatized by its brand new ambassador, Liza Soberano, in its currently running television commercial. Eileen Araneta, a well known marketing icon in the Unilever top brands during the 1990s, pointed at the Colgate-Close-Up phenomenon as a parallel, where then challenger — Close-Up — swiftly grabbed market share from the toothpaste category market leader, Colgate, decades ago.

“Approximately 50% of the Philippine population drinks milk. However, the product choices are very segmented in terms of the target age they cater to. Birch Tree identifies itself as a milk that can cater to more members of the family. The purchaser does not need to buy many different types of milk for the other members of her family. The campaign also aims to promote milk drinking among members of the family, including millennials.” By this example, I foresee the advertising campaign’s future focus on separate individuals one at a time.

Rachel Santos, PCVC client services and new business director, explained Birch’es current choice of Liza Soberano: “Not only is she one of the hottest young celebrities today, her following and influence on the youth can really help make the brand more relevant to them.”

I like the thrust — where millennials can raise their glass of milk as casually and as pleasurably as they do their other drinks during the day or night. Let’s face it, our millennials are more independent, more energized, and are into more activities and interests.

Birch Tree challenges as ‘everybody’s milk’

Perhaps because of our horrendous traffic situation in the metropolis, a lot of college students and young new graduates who are now working, are living in condos during weekdays. Hence, they begin to be more conscious of what they eat and drink day to day. Inevitably, they will, by themselves, choose to habitually ensure they get some heathy food into their systems. Soberano’s Birch Tree should be an allurement.

I also credit the very strict enforcement of the Milk Code that regulates the category’s marketing and communication to infants and the very young. I remember the clever execution of a digital ad for another milk product a few years ago, done by DM9 President Merle Jayme. The strengths accorded the infant in a mother’s womb were mouthed by an artistic rendition of the embryo speaking while still in his mother’s bloated tummy!

PCVC’s 30-second TV material for Birch Tree is bright and sunny and cheerful, direct to the point without beating around the bush, with a happily youthful tonality that matches only too well the fellow-millennials being addressed.

Birch Tree challenges as ‘everybody’s milk’

Congratulations to PCVC, Snow Mountain Dairy, and Filmex for an appetizing healthy quick fix!

Credits. Client-company: Snow Mountain Dairy Corp. Edwin Africa, vice-president and general manager; Leah Macalincag, senior product manager. Advertising agency, PC&V Communications: Ariel Comia, president/chief creative officer; Carol San Pedro, executive creative director; C. San Pedro and J-Anne Manalo, copywriters; Janina Guerrero, art director; Rachel Santos, client services director; Ria Nicolas, account director. Production: Jenny Lao-Pastor, director; Jessie Pastor, DOP; Chat Monteagudo, producer; Peter Legasto, musical arranger. Production house, Filmex.

Nanette Franco-Diyco ended her 15th year advertising career as Vice-President of JWT, segueing into the world of academe, teaching communications at the Ateneo de Manila University.