Owning a food business used to mean building a brick-and-mortar spot and praying for foot traffic. Thanks to digital tools and platforms, those in the food industry can now easily connect with hungry customers, regardless of location.
In a world wherein convenience is king, it’s the online food businesses that best leverage today’s leading digital tools that are gunning for the throne.
Here are five ways you can boost your online-based venture and attract more customers, brought to you by GoDaddy, the world’s largest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures:

Modernize your menu design

A sleek, easy to read menu is the best way to get your online customers to better appreciate your offerings. As most Filipinos will be accessing your site on their phones, make sure your menu design is responsive, able to scale to whatever sized screen it’s displayed on.
And be sure to throw in some nice photos, too. Filipinos eat with their eyes first.

Have customized options

According to the Mintel Metro Consumer Survey 2018, food is the top choice for customization among consumers in the Asia-Pacific Region. Over half of the survey respondents wanted healthier choices when it comes to their meals.
Ensuring that your meal offerings can be customized, perhaps with a few options for healthier substitutes in select dishes, can help open your business to diners who appreciate some control over their meal experiences. Having a platform that supports that customization is paramount.

Showcase customer testimonials

Unlike retail items, food quality is harder to gauge with just a few pictures and a description. If you’ve ever asked a waiter at a restaurant for a recommendation, you’d know, people trust other people’s reviews.
Showcasing testimonials from previous happy customers is the best way to entice new customers to try your stuff.

Provide a variety of payment options

Having an e-commerce provision on your website is an added layer of convenience for customers that want to chow down as soon as their food arrives. And for a business owner, cashless transactions make for a much more reliable delivery process.
Be sure to explore other options like third party payment centers and bank deposits to cover those who are more comfortable paying via these routes.

Have a more secure website

A secure platform adds to the credibility of your food business. If you plan to build a website, ensure that it has the right SSL certificate.
In July of this year, Google started labeling websites without SSL certification as “unsafe.” One look at that tag and it’s possible your potential customers might think it’s not just your online offerings that are unsafe for consumption.

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