RIDE-HAILING mobile app, Angkas, is targeting to launch a four-wheel service called Angcars, the motorcycle taxi and delivery service provider said on Thursday.

“Angcars is designed to be an advanced ride-hailing app that seamlessly blends affordability with user-friendly navigation,” Angkas Chief Executive Officer George Royeca said in a statement.

The soon-to-be-launched app seeks to introduce options like Angcars Economy and Angcars Plus, which would allow a passenger to request four-seater or six-seater vehicles, respectively.

For the motorcycle taxi app, the company is eyeing to include service features such as Angkas Health and Angkas Padala.

Angkas Health will provide “straightforward five-step process” that includes home blood testing by licensed medical professionals, while Angkas Padala will be equipped with digital seller tools, payment and disbursement access. — Sheldeen Joy Talavera