AN initial 7.6-kilometer segment of the Davao Coastal Road project is targeted for opening to motorists by the second quarter (Q2) next year, according to a Department of Public Works and Highways-Davao region official, after several postponements in the past three years.    

We intend to finish in the second quarter of next year and once completed we can open the first segment of the coastal road at Bago Aplaya to Times Beach,Dean I. Ortiz, spokesperson of the departments regional office, told the city council on Tuesday.   

Parts of the road project, with an estimated cost of over P30 billion, was opened to the public earlier this year for recreational and sports activities.  

Construction of the 18-kilometer coastal road started in 2017, and has faced delays due to the coronavirus pandemic and right-of-way acquisition.   

It stretches from the Toril district in the southwestern part of Davao City to the downtown area.   

Mr. Ortiz also reported to the council that construction of the Bucana Bridge component of the road project is already scheduled to start by next year.    

The P3.11-billion bridge will be funded through a China government grant, with the agreement signed by the Chinese Embassy in Manila and DPWH in December 2020.  

The coastal road is intended to provide an alternative route to the Pan-Philippine Highway in the southern part of the city, which has been experiencing heavy traffic congestion. It will also serve as a costal shore protection and breakwater. Maya M. Padillo