MAYOR Tomas R. Osmeña is considering a ban on private vehicles within Cebu City’s downtown area when the bus rapid transit (BRT) project becomes operational to alleviate the impact of the new public transport system to jeepneys. “We cannot delay our (BRT) project anymore. The whole government cannot adjust just for the sake of the jeepney drivers. What about the people? But we will have to do what we can,” Mr. Osmeña told reporters after meeting on Monday with jeepney operators and drivers who held a rally to oppose the nationwide jeepney phaseout program as well as the BRT. Based on initial reports, there would be 2,614 jeepney drivers using 1,307 jeepney units and 912 operators who will be affected by the BRT. Mr. Osmeña also said the city can offer a training program to become BRT drivers or a security force member of the local government. “I cannot say there will be no displacement. I cannot give them a lifetime pension. But I’m willing to sit down with them to respond to their grievances,” the mayor said. — The Freeman