THE DAVAO City council approved this week an ordinance that penalizes individuals who would leave their bag or others baggages unattended. The local law, the city government said in a statement yesterday, is intended to address terror threats in the city, where a bombing in September last year at a busy night market left 16 people dead and at least 65 injured. The ordinance has two main provisions in determining that a person committed the offense: (1) Anyone who lays down an unattended bag in a public place and walks away — even without causing alarm and panic; and (2) anyone who lays down an unattended bag in a public place, walks away, and such act causes alarm and panic. Under the first provision, first-time offenders will be warned and reprimanded, 2nd offense will mean a fine of P100, and P300 for the 3rd offense. Under the second provision, first-time offenders will be fined P1,000, then P3,000 for the 2nd time, and P5,000 or one-month imprisonment or both, depending on the court, for the 3rd-time. The unattended bags will also be confiscated and turned over to the police or the National Bureau of Investigation. Unclaimed bags will be disposed of within seven days. The ordinance will take effect 15 days after its publication in two local newspapers. — Mindanao Bureau