SECURITY BANK Corp. has tapped Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support its digital transformation as it seeks to provide more innovative products and services for its clients.   

“Aligned with our vision to be the most customer-centric bank in the Philippines, we’re investing in our customers and in what matters to them,” Security Bank Enterprise Technology and Operations (ETO) Head Lucose Eralil said in a statement on Wednesday.   

“With AWS, we will innovate digital interactions faster and harness the power of data. Through actionable intelligence, we’ll create new ways of personalizing and delivering services like promotions and special offers to enhance customer experiences,” Mr. Eralil said.   

AWS will support Security Bank’s data transformation initiatives to help it cater to evolving consumer demands and requirements.

The lender earlier launched the first iteration of a cloud-native, production-grade, enterprise data platform built on AWS. This will allow Security Bank to leverage on data-rich insights and deliver improved business outcomes.

“AWS security, identity, and compliance services, including AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS), Amazon GuardDuty, and AWS Security Hub, help Security Bank ensure that data governance and security comply with regulatory requirements,” the bank said.   

Security Bank is also looking to deliver increased business agility and quicker time-to-market, increase employee productivity, and reduce unplanned downtimes once it fully transfers its infrastructure and services to the cloud.   

“To thrive in a cloud environment, we will create a high-tech learning and delivery capability through practical hands-on cloud skills and continuous learning initiatives,” Security Bank Head of Human Capital Management Nerissa C. Berba said.   

“We’re excited to build a ‘workforce of the future’ as we also reach our goal to be the Employer of Choice in PH banking,” Ms. Berba said.   

SBC Academy, the bank’s training arm, is working with AWS to upskill more than 7,000 employees with vital cloud skills to support the integration of cloud-based technology into its operations.   

Information technology (IT) professionals are joining advanced trainings, while other employees are learning basic digital skills that will help them operate in the cloud. To date, Security Bank has trained about 1,000 employees who are now completing their AWS certification.   

“The banking industry in the Philippines is rapidly digitizing to ensure customers have access to the most secure, personalized and innovative services. AWS is excited to support Security Bank as it embraces cloud computing and digitization,” AWS Association of Southeast Asian Nations Head of FSI Peter Murray said.   

“We applaud Security Bank’s decisive move to invest in their people with a broad-based training and enablement strategy that will create a Center of Excellence for skills,” Mr. Murray said. “We are excited to partner with Security Bank and ensure we are helping build cloud-native customer services with increased efficiency, savings, and speed to benefit their customers here in the Philippines.”

Security Bank in June tapped Microsoft Philippines to help it build innovative solutions aimed at ensuring faster and customer-centric banking experience.

With Microsoft’s technology and support, the bank developed its Sales Proposal Builder application and embedded it into Microsoft Teams.

Security Bank recorded a P6.24-billion net profit in the first half of the year, more than double the P3.12 billion booked in the same period in 2021. This was driven by growth in its core businesses, lower credit provisions, and normalized income tax provisions. — K.B. Ta-asan