SLF MANAGEMENT Management Systems Inc. and Advanced World Solutions Inc. have launched their first local mobile app that provides a staffing solution for the health care sector.
In a statement, the companies said BackApp connects health care facilities, home-based patients, and staffing agencies that need nurses and caregivers.
BackApp, which was already launched for nursing home facilities in New York City in 2017, provides three types of services: Long-Term Care, which can be used by affiliated staffing agencies; Acute Care, for use by hospital-based nurse managers looking for last-minute staff replacements; and Homecare, which gives users access to private nurses and caregivers for home-based patients.
BackApp targets to be a one-stop mobile marketplace for facilities’ staffing needs and home-based patients looking for reliable services.
“Specifically, the Homecare BackApp aims to keep the Filipino family together by eliminating the need to send your sick family member to the hospital or nursing home. This ultimately reduces hospitalization costs, thus lessening the financial burden on the family,” SLF Management System President and CEO Sally Nuñez was quoted as saying in the statement.
Under the app, all registered nurses and caregivers will receive an alert for urgent requests.
The firm said through the app, it aims to tap the at least 23,800 health care workers deployed across the Philippines, of which 17,538 are nurses, and give them more job opportunities with “competitive compensation.”
All BackApp products run on Android 4.4 (KitKat) and up and on iOS 10 and up. The app also has a back-office system that allows case managers and administrative staff to monitor each nurse or caregiver on duty. Health professionals hired through the mobile app are matched by a case manager and under close monitoring by a patient’s attending physician.
“We are striving towards continuity of care, and in few years’ time, we aspire to bring the Next Generation Electronic Health Record platforms that will cater to all types of health care facilities…by linking fragmented systems of different health care providers and the families and communities they serve,” Advanced World Solutions Software Developer Bryan Bautista said in the statement.
“We will leverage our US presence, know-how, and experience to bring an outstanding level of quality healthcare and innovation in the Philippines,” he said.
SLF Management Systems is a software development and consulting company with a team of healthcare practitioners and IT experts to implement and manage clinical apps.
Meanwhile, Japan-based Advanced World Solutions is a software development solutions and services firm with more than 25 years in the business, operating in the Philippines, Japan, China, and the US.