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Europe’s COVID-19 cases double in 5 weeks

EUROPE’s new coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) cases have doubled in five weeks, propelling the region on Sunday across the bleak milestone of 10 million total infections, according to a Reuters tally.

EU warns not enough COVID vaccines for all in Europe until...

BRUSSELS —  Only part of the European Union population can be inoculated against the new coronavirus before 2022, EU officials said in an internal meeting, as the vaccines the bloc is securing may not prove effective or may not be manufactured in sufficient doses.

Wave of new coronavirus cases hits US, Europe

MILAN/CHICAGO — The United States, Russia, France and many other countries are setting records for coronavirus infections as a tidal wave of cases washes over parts of the Northern Hemisphere, forcing some countries to impose new curbs.

While Europe, US cinemas suffer, Japan’s Toho does very well

While global cinemas are reeling from the coronavirus and delays to Dune and the latest James Bond release, shares of Japan’s biggest movie company are climbing back toward a record high as the world’s third-largest movie market slowly returns to normal.

Jobless recovery now a risk for Europe’s economy

WITH job cuts mounting and costly furlough programs that can’t last forever, Europe is at risk of a devastating increase in unemployment that won’t be easy to reverse.

Creative destruction: A high-risk idea that nobody wants to test

The US is usually better than Europe at reshaping its economy after recessions, partly because it’s easier for American entrepreneurs to streamline their business by firing workers, or even start a new one by going bankrupt.

Bicycles are pushing aside cars on Europe’s city streets

Bikes are increasingly muscling aside cars on Europe’s city streets, as the coronavirus accelerates a shift toward pedal power.

Amid rising talk of negative rates, Japan, Europe policies get tweaks

TOKYO/FRANKFURT/WASHINGTON — After years of applying plenty of stick to commercial lenders unhappy with negative interest rate policies, central bankers in the euro zone and Japan are experimenting with some carrot, too.

Wifi time increases among smartphone users amid COVID-19 lockdown

Opensignal provides details on the average amount of smartphone users’ time spent connected to Wifi across regions and countries amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Europe’s funds are hunkering down in bonds for coming recession

WOEFUL. Bad. Shocking. That’s how investors and strategists described Europe’s latest economic data, leaving them fearing the worst and betting this year’s record bond rally has further to run.

If negative yields are a drug, Europe is just saying no

VALEO SA used to be a stock-market darling until a slowdown in China and changing rules on emissions hammered the shares and hit its credit rating. Yet you wouldn’t know it looking at the debt market where the yield on a Valeo bond due in 2022 slipped below zero last month.

Banking deals heat up in eastern Europe

EUROPEAN BANKS are vying for dominance in one of the continent’s most dynamic corners.

Trade war fears hit European factories as global optimism wanes

Euro-area manufacturers saw order growth slow to the weakest pace in two years after renewed concerns over trade prospects hit confidence. Purchasing Managers’ Indexes from...

China presses Europe for anti-US alliance on trade

BRUSSELS/BERLIN — China is putting pressure on the European Union (EU) to issue a strong joint statement against President Donald Trump’s trade policies at a summit later this month but is facing resistance, European officials said.

Germany has more to worry about than going out of the...

Call it Germany’s spoiled summer. For all that’s going well in this country of about 83 million people -- a growing economy, booming real estate...

US commerce chief warns of disruption from EU privacy rules

Washington -- US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross warned Wednesday that the new EU privacy rules in effect since last week could lead to serious...

World on brink of trade war as US slaps tariffs on...

Paris -- The world's largest economies stood on the brink of all-out trade war as the EU, Canada and Mexico drew up retaliatory measures...

Humans fight back against robots mining personal finance data

REGULATORS are beginning to teach robots who’s the boss. After spending billions of dollars on cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies, Europe’s banks and insurers face tougher...

Viva Europa showcases Europe’s culture, music, sports, and arts

ARTS AND culture know no boundaries: political, social, or otherwise. In the efforts to link our shared literature and culture, and also our highlight...

Italy in high spirits

Beyond the centuries-old temples and colosseums of Rome, and the celebrated churches and museums of Florence and Milan. WORDS CLAIRE J. JIAO  |  IMAGES ROB...

Europe’s biggest fund sticks to top EM bet

BANGKOK/SINGAPORE -- Policy normalization at some of the world’s biggest central banks may have some emerging-market (EM) investors nervous, but Europe’s largest fund manager...

China’s new Silk Road to Europe runs straight through junk bond...

CHINESE PRESIDENT Xi Jinping’s new Silk Road to Europe traverses territory where most bond investors fear to tread. Of the 68 nations China lists as...

‘Once-a-century’ climate hazards will hit Europe yearly: study

VIENNA -- By mid-century, pockets of southern Europe will face at least one severe climate hazard every year of the scale now occurring only...