Engaging in consistent strength training can yield significant benefits for women

Entering a gym can be intimidating, particularly if you lack knowledge about the necessary exercises to develop strength. However, with good coaching and determination, one may develop a strong body that will benefit you in the long run. The practice of women engaging in strength training has become more common. Various strength training methods can be performed utilizing a range of equipment, including a gym machine, dumbbells, barbells, kettle bells, and even own body weight. Cardiovascular exercise has been extensively advocated for women as a means of achieving weight loss and enhancing cardiovascular health, nevertheless, strength training has been found to yield various advantages for women across different life phases. Here are some of the advantages of strength training for women, ranging from muscular growth to improved sleep.

Muscle Mass Increase

As we progress in age, it becomes increasingly crucial to maintain adequate muscle mass in order to continue enjoying our physical activity as it will help prevent us from sustaining injuries. It is a widely held misconception that lifting weights will cause women to “bulk” up. “Bulking” up requires years of effort and a variety of lifestyle modifications, and women are genetically different from men in that they can create massive muscles with enough dedication.

Stronger Bones and Joints

Engaging in consistent strength training can result in increased bone density and provide support for aging joints. Strength training exercises can put enough tension on your joints and bones to help them grow stronger. Osteoporosis can occur in elderly women with compromised bone strength. Osteoporosis is more common in women, which is why increasing good posture and physical strength is vital in preventing it. Strong joints can also help to prevent injuries, particularly while participating in sports.

Aids in Weight Loss

Strength training has been shown to be highly effective in enhancing body composition. Unlike cardio, strength training causes the body to continue burning calories even you are at rest. The objective is to gain lean muscle mass, as this is associated with an increased resting metabolic rate, representing the overall caloric expenditure during periods of rest. And the best way to grow lean muscles is to engage in regular strength training and backed by proper diet.

Better Sleep Quality

Strength exercise will weary your muscles, and sleep is necessary for muscular recovery. The more you exhaust your muscles, the more likely your body is to sleep soundly. According to studies, strength training increases adenosine production. Adenosine is a chemical that causes drowsiness, allowing people to fall asleep more quickly and effectively. However, it is not recommended to perform strength training close to bedtime because it will have the reverse impact of improving sleep quality.

Improves Mood and Self-esteem

Any form of exercise can elevate your mood. Whenever strength training releases feel-good chemicals, your mood will be positive. Being disciplined in your strength training can produce positive physical benefits that will increase your self-esteem and confidence. Wearing the clothes you’ve wanted to wear and no longer feeling physically weak will help you with the mental health stability you deserve.

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