Cocolife partners with Questronix Corporation for its digital transformation journey

The disruption that COVID-19 has brought to the world has become a catalyst for digital transformation. The World Economic Forum (WEF) pointed out in a report that while digitalization has been ongoing for many businesses in the past, it has seldom been utilized to its full potential.

Nowadays, things have changed so much that businesses are ever more reliant on harnessing the power of digital models to create new value and experiences for their consumers. Accelerating digital transformation, with purpose, is essential for companies to survive and thrive in the new normal.

“What is new in the wake of COVID-19 is that this is a shared opportunity for leaders. Successful leaders will now seize the opportunity to advance a new trajectory for digital transformation that aligns with the changing role of business: to be a powerful enabler of long-term value creation for all of its stakeholders,” the WEF wrote in the report titled “Digital Transformation: Powering the Great Reset”.

Cocolife, the biggest Filipino-owned stock life insurance company, aims to fully seize that opportunity as it recently announced its partnership with Questronix Corporation, one of the largest IT solutions provider and systems integrator in the country, to embark on its digital transformation journey.

Seeking to deliver more efficient digital solutions with superior benefits to Filipinos, the partnership is a significant milestone in towards fulfilling Cocolife’s technology roadmap, which aims to increase operation efficiencies, promote information security, ensure business continuity, and future-proof the company against industry incumbents and disruptors.

“These challenging times have changed the way we do business. But we remain steadfast in our goal to create an end-to-end digital solution that will provide clients the best possible customer journey”, said Cocolife President and CEO Atty. Martin Loon regarding Cocolife’s plans of building an accessible mobile app to serve the financial needs Cocolife customers.

Cocolife virtually signed the contract with Questronix Corporation to develop its mobile application – a convenient platform that offers users seamless transactions and 24/7 access to policy details, customer support, and digital claims.

Cocolife has always been in pursuit of digital transformation for the benefit of its clients. Even before the pandemic hit the country, Atty. Loon, said that they have already been building its technology infrastructure in order for them to be ready for unforeseen circumstances. This has manifested in Cocolife’s new app, which serves as the starting point for its direction towards digitalization.

It is also through these digital technology investments that Cocolife has ensured that its clients and stakeholders will continue to have timely access to its services at a time when they are needed the most, especially during the pandemic.

“I pushed for the streamlining and digitalization of Cocolife’s internal processes to enable our entire workforce to continue working efficiently from home,” Atty. Loon previously told BusinessWorld.

Joseph Mark Ronquillo, Cocolife Senior Vice President and Head of Retail Distribution Division

“We at Cocolife, under the leadership of our President and CEO, Atty. Martin Loon, are constantly thinking of ways to positively affect the lives of our customers and fellow Filipinos. Digitalization has been part of Atty. Loon’s vision from the very beginning, and it is his firm direction that guided us to make sure that we serve our customers well,” Cocolife Senior Vice President and Head of Retail Distribution Division Joseph Mark Ronquillo added.

He further noted that the company is always in pursuit of creating new solutions to serve its customers better, and its partnership with Questronix shows its commitment to fast-tracking its projects in pursuit of these goals.

Questronix Corporation President Mike Dionisio said, “Cocolife and Questronix were able to come up with good ideas to revolutionize the industry. We saw how Cocolife is very passionate in making sure that they can be agents of change.”

Mike Dionisio, Questronix Corporation President

“Questronix will be there and make sure that Cocolife will be successful in upholding that commitment by embarking in this digital transformation journey,” he added.

Through this project, Cocolife is able to accelerate its digitalization efforts, sustain growth and, ultimately, address the increasing demand on the financial services industry.

The Digitalization Project Contract Signing was led by Cocolife Senior Vice President and Head of Retail Distribution Division Joseph Mark Ronquillo, Questronix Corporation President Mike Dionisio, Cocolife Head of Digital Sales Department Melanio De Vicente Jr., Cocolife Vice President and Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications Department Rowena Asnan and Questronix Vice President of Emerging Technologies Jacquelene Mercado.

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