ALEX M. Eala slightly moved up in the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) ladder after gallant stands in three straight tournaments in France.

From 580th last week, the Filipina wunderkind leapt to No. 571 in the women’s pro circuit catapulted by a Round of 16 finish in the W25 Joue les Tours over the weekend.

She had a similar finish in the tougher W60 Grenoble after settling for a first-round exit in the W25 Macon.

Ms. Eala’s career-high ranking in the WTA so far only in her second season was at 505th last August after starting outside Top 1500.

The 16-year-old ace is back in the Rafael Nadal Academy in Spain, where she’s a scholar, to prepare for her next tourney.

In the International Tennis Federation (ITF) junior rankings, Ms. Eala is currently 10th despite not playing in a single girls’ tournament so far this year. — John Bryan Ulanday