The Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) is to conduct a pre-recording of traditional sports and games of Indigenous Peoples (IPs) slated from Oct. 8-12 in Sarangani Province. 

The project, which is in line with the 2021 Quincentennial Commemorations in the Philippines, will feature eight traditional sports and games that include blowdart, Kmisong (fire-making drill), Skuyah (track and field), javelin throw, and pana, among others. 

Also part of the program is to highlight one traditional dance that is common among the Tagakaulo, T’boli, and B’laan Indigenous Cultural Communities to be held at the Municipality of Malungon. 

“The activity aims to promote the traditional sports and games of the Sarangani IPs through a pre-recorded mini-documentary,” said PSC Commissioner Charles Raymond A. Maxey, oversight for the Indigenous Peoples Games program. 

The PSC official shared that the agency already secured permission from the Sarangani Provincial Tribal Council to proceed with the documentation of the traditional sports and games. 

Mr. Maxey underscored that they will be observing health and safety protocols set up by the Provincial Government of Sarangani and Municipality of Malungon. 

The video output of the activity will be streamed live on PTV4 and the National Quincentennial Committee Facebook pages. 

The activity is supported by the Pocari Sweat Otsuka-Solar Philippines, Inc. and in coordination as well with the the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples.