THE Philippines was crowned as the 2018 Spartan H3X champion after a grueling 24-hour sandbag carries and conquering all the extreme challenges within the Timberland Heights grounds. Staged simultaneously in four countries, the 71-man Philippine contingent went against the participants from Greece, Mexico, and the United States.
According to Mike Reyes, Spartan Race Director, H3X is basically all three Hurricane Heat lengths rolled into a consecutively-run event, which started at the exact same time and run simultaneously regardless of time zone.
“I’m elated and proud to be Subic Bay-Zambales-Bataan Spartan community’s lone representative in that 24-hour battle. I scored the three-point shot in the tiebreaker, so to speak, by being the fastest to do 50 burpees at one minute 50 seconds while Mexico and California did theirs around two minutes 20 seconds,” said Jimi Arthur Binoya.
Lexi Noval, one of the participants who voluntarily finished the endurance event said that her H3X experience is definitely worth it. “It’s great knowing that you can go through challenges together as a team and strengthen friendships.