The Philippine startup community is set to take center stage as flexible office space solutions provider KMC Solutions announced the launch of the inaugural KMC Startup Awards this year.

Co-presented by Bossjob and in collaboration with Philippine Startup Week, QBO Innovation Hub, Kaya Founders, Sinigang Valley and Uniquecorn Strategies, and in partnership with 917Ventures and Amazon Web Services, this event will shine a spotlight on exceptional startups and visionary entrepreneurs who are making significant contributions to the business and technology sectors in the Philippines.

The KMC Startup Awards will provide a platform to inspire innovation and recognize outstanding startups and visionary entrepreneurs reshaping the business and technology landscapes in the Philippines.

The awards feature 10 categories: Startup of the Year, Emerging Leader of the Year, Outstanding Marketing Campaign, Tech Innovator Award, Customer Excellence Award, Most Innovative Startup Award, Outstanding Brand Development Award, Innovation in Design, Sustainable Business Practice Award and Social Impact Award.

Nominations across these categories ran until Nov. 10 and winners will be announced at a gala awards event on Nov. 24 at 6F KMC One Ayala, Makati.

These awards offer emerging businesses a unique opportunity to gain exposure, credibility, and access to valuable business development opportunities. Awardees will benefit from expert feedback and actionable insights to enhance their growth.

“Having experienced the challenges of entrepreneurship firsthand, I believe in the power of giving back,” Michael McCullough, CEO of KMC Solutions, shared. “The KMC Startup Awards is my way of supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs who are navigating the ever-evolving business landscape.”

“I aim to provide them with a strong foundation in a conducive environment, so they, too, can one day make a meaningful impact and give back to the Philippines’ business community,” he added.

“With the right tools and resources, those with innovative minds and the will to persevere are those who have the potential to disrupt their respective industries,” he continued. “At the KMC Startup Awards, we’re here to recognize and shine a spotlight on emerging businesses pushing the boundaries of innovation. Together, we’re not just building businesses; we’re shaping the future of the Philippine business landscape.”

Mr. McCullough also reiterated KMC’s steadfast commitment to nurturing startups and fostering growth through innovative facilities and events.

“[KMC Startup Awards] will play a vital role in promoting the Philippine startup ecosystem to a wider audience across the business community. Alongside the new awards, the KMC Solutions stands committed to providing the facilities, space, and business development opportunities a startup or entrepreneur in the Philippines needs to thrive.”