Does it spark joy? How to properly tidy your tech

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Digital Reporter

Tidying up can be a stressful chore for some people. After all, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of junk that you need to throw away. But if there’s anything that Marie Kondo’s hugely popular Netflix series has imparted, it’s that true tidying is keeping the things that spark joy.

As it turns out, this method isn’t only applicable to the stuff at one’s home. Technology needs to be tidied, too, and then given the proper care afterwards. Kaspersky Lab shares some tips on how you can go about your tech cleansing.

Time for spring cleaning

With so many new Internet of Things (IoT) devices being released, one may feel inclined to buy them all just to keep up with the times. But it may be better to just keep those that you regularly use, especially since IoT devices can pose security risks.

“It’s a matter of preferences,” said Jeff Esposito, Global Head of Regional Social Media – Kaspersky Lab. “If you got one as a gift, try it out if you like it but make sure you change the password if you can. Put it on guest network, not your main network, so you can mitigate the security impact on you.”

It’s not only hardware that needs spring cleaning. For instance, unused apps on devices should be deleted since they could be collecting private data and even profiting from it. Inactive email addresses and social media accounts could just be clogging your emails with spam, so it’s advisable to deactivate or delete them as well.

A little more TLC

Tidying your tech shouldn’t just stop with getting rid of unnecessary baggage. Securing them will not only assure their optimal performance but also prolong their usability.