PROPERTY company Ovialand is committed to building quality homes at affordable prices by using precast technology that will ensure a quick turnover time.

Ovialand employs precast technology that uses concrete to speed up the process of building homes.

“We can build homes within 30 to 45 days, which ensures a rapid turnover of our products to our clients,” Pammy Olivares-Vital, Ovialand president and CEO, said in a statement.

She noted that homes using precast concrete are “three times stronger than homes built using traditional concrete.”

“With a home by Ovialand, our clients do not just get a product instantly being delivered to them — they also get the best quality that they deserve,” she said.

Ovialand is also committed to making the process of buying a home more convenient for its clients. A dedicated Ovialand officer will assist clients — from determining the best home loan terms according to their needs up until the contracts are signed.

“Ovialand believes that all Filipinos deserve a home that is readily available to them, both in terms of the ease of buying it and the speed of how it is built. At the same time, this home should be of the best quality to give homeowners and families the comfort they need,” Ms. Olivares-Vital said.