Pro tips from a job search site to up your resumé game

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The first step to getting rich is having a stable source of income, and for most of us that means getting a job. Fortunately the internet is there to make things easier. Several online platforms have made it easier to connect job seekers with employers, and one of them is Kalibrr.

It might not be as big as its competitors, nor does it advertise jobs outside beyond Philippines, but those interested in working for start‑ups or government might find it the good place to start. Job seekers who dislike being bombarded by the same five or so job recommendations from the same BPO company every time they try to search for their dream job might also find this platform refreshing.

We’re a start‑up, that’s why we have a sweet spot for them,” Kalibrr customer success manager Faye Castillo told SparkUp during a recruiter training session at their cozy Makati office on May 23.

While SparkUp did not unearth the secrets to their algorithm—which automatically sorts through the data posted by both job seeker and job poster in order to connect them with each other—we did find out about what you have to do to get companies to notice you.

Art Samantha Gonzales

While the website allows you to upload a file of your resumé, whether it’s in text or pdf format, its contents will not be analyzed by Kalibrr’s algorithm. That’s why it’s best to have everything written on your job seeker profile along with your uploaded resumé. Among the filters available to recruiters when browsing through the myriad of resumés in the site are skills, job level, work experience, and educational attainment.

“If you uploaded a resumé as a pdf, we won’t be able to search that on your Kalibrr profile,” explained Ms. Castillo. “That’s why we encourage all job seekers to post everything on their resumé on their profile.”

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Kalibrr’s most special feature is its built‑in online assessment tests (because tests don’t end after you graduate). Standardized tests are often a part of the assessment process in job applications and Kalibrr has online tests on different skills such as mastery of the English language and arithmetic on the site, which could give you the extra edge, proving that you are indeed as skilled as you say on your resumé.

“Kalibrr has built in assessments so when someone says in their profile that they have amazing communication skills or very good at this or that, you can take an assessment so that you can prove even before you go to the interview that you actually have that skill,” Ms. Castillo said. “At the same time, recruiters can filter people according to their scores so they can get the cream of the crop.”

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There are times when you get points for showing up, and this is one of them. Recruiters want to know that you’re on the market for a new job because why invite to an interview someone who isn’t interested? For most job search sites, activity is as easy as logging in every once in a while.

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Sometimes job postings are too good to be true. Sometimes job postings are too vague to seem real. That’s why it’s important to research the company where you want to apply. Most platforms would have measures to prevent phony businesses from posting job ads, but it’s still important to practice due diligence when it comes to whom you plan to send your personal data.

School’s out, or it’s just about to start depending on your academic calendar. But whether you’re a fresh grad or a not‑so‑fresh grad, we wish you luck in finding the job that’s right for you.