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L-R: Jason du Preez, Sunil Aryan, Ady Meretz, Aditya Dang, Ashish Upadhyay

Trends & Verint – Engage 18: On the Road Manila held

The profound effects of technology on various industries have led to both the rise and fall of business titans all over the world. Consumers across the globe are becoming more accustomed to seamless customer experience effected by today’s real-world digital transformations. No longer is it enough to offer good products for the market. For a company to succeed in the new world of convenience and technology, they must also use all the tools at their disposal to ensure their customers have the best experience possible.

That is the pursuit of technology-enabled business services firm Trends and Technologies, Inc. (Trends) as it partners with New York-based analytics company Verint Systems once more to launch “Trends & Verint — Engage18: On the Road Manila” in Shangri-La at the Fort, Manila.

Backed by the latest artificial intelligence and business analytics technologies, Verint’s Customer Engagement Portfolio is offering Philippine companies an opportunity to simplify, modernize, and automate their operations to enrich their customer experience.

Verint is a global leader in Actionable Intelligence solutions with a focus on customer engagement optimization, security intelligence, and fraud, risk and compliance. Together with Verint, Trends makes it easier for contact centers, service desks, and other local businesses to purchase, deploy and use Verint’s broad portfolio of customer engagement solutions.

“We have a lot of industry and business reach, and we have an understanding of how different businesses work across industries. We are visible, present in the financial sector, in telecommunications, BPOs, and call centers. We can give our customers best practices on how they can leverage and optimize their investments in the solutions we’re offering,” Jasmin Marie P. Sayo, head of Customer Experience of Trends’ Business & Solutions Group, said.

Mr. Ady Meretz, Verint President for Asia Pacific (left) and Ms. Jasmin Marie P. Sayo, Trends’ Customer Experience, Business & Solutions Group Head (right)

Ady Meretz, president of Verint Systems Asia Pacific, said that Verint has dramatically increased its portfolio over the past years as the company began to focus on revolutionizing customer experience through technology.

“Over the last five or 10 years, we’ve emerged to be more of a CX player, a customer experience player, which meets the demand of the market. It’s about how you can give better service to the customer through different products that allow you to do it better,” Mr. Meretz said. “We have a lot more we can offer the Filipino market with our available products.”

Verint’s Customer Engagement Portfolio, particularly Identity Authentication and Fraud Detection, Knowledge Management, and Real-Time Speech Analytics, promises to deliver greater automation and shared intelligence to drive overall satisfaction and loyalty not just for customers, but also for employees.

For instance, contact centers and service desks increasingly face the need to authenticate legitimate customers in a way that is effective, but unobtrusive, while identifying fraudsters as quickly as possible. With Voice Biometrics, the key to Verint Identity Authentication and Fraud Detection, customer service professionals can passively screen calls using ‘voice-prints’ — digital representations of a person’s voice that are unique to each individual. Screening is performed in real time, verifying identities within seconds without disrupting the customer experience for legitimate callers.

By minimizing the need for authentication questions that often frustrate callers, contact centers can deliver a better customer experience.

To provide a central repository of information for contact center employees to respond to complex situations effectively, Verint launched its proprietary Knowledge Management solution. It is a highly scalable platform that makes it easy to deliver the right tables, images, videos, articles, FAQs, and other knowledge not just to contact center agents but also to customers through self-service. It can give customer service professionals the tools they need to provide exceptional service while increasing first contact resolution rates and reducing agent training time.

Meanwhile, Verint Real Time Speech Analytics analyzes voice interactions between customers and agents in real time to provide a guide towards better outcomes. The solution detects sentiments and phrases of interest during live calls, which alerts employees with coaching prompts to handle the situation. It can help your organization enhance coaching opportunities by alerting supervisors to specific issues, such as use of profanity and/or escalating emotion, enabling them to provide in-the-moment corrective action.