Isabela provincial gov’t offers P6/k incentive to rice farmers

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THE ISABELA provincial government is offering its rice farmers a P6 per kilo incentive for the first 100 bags of clean and paddy rice sold to the National Food Authority (NFA), Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel F. Piñol said on Sunday. “Officials of Isabela Province, one of the country’s biggest rice producers, are showing the way in protecting their farmers from the expected inflow of cheap imported rice,” Mr. Piñol said in a social media post. “This means that on top of the P20.40 which the NFA pays for every kilo of ‘clean and dry’ paddy rice sold by farmers, the Isabela Provincial Government will add P6 per kilo for the first 5-metric tons or an additional income of P30,000,” Mr. Piñol explained. Mr. Piñol also said that the provincial government plans to organize its farmers to come up with their own Isabela Rice brand. Mr. Piñol noted that farmers should learn how to process and market their own produce to earn more. Rice husks derived from the produce can also be turned into biomass as a value adding activity. “They should consolidate, process and market their own rice so that the profit margin would go to them instead of the traders,” Mr. Piñol said. — Reicelene Joy N. Ignacio