THE INSTITUTO Cervantes will be opening the virtual art exhibit,Creadoras: A Tribute to Betsy Westendorp,” on Nov. 18, at 6 p.m., in gratitude for her donation of the painting Passage and in recognition of her long artistic career.

Together with Fernando Zóbel and Juvenal Sansó, the Spanish painter Betsy Westendorp, who considers the Philippines as her adoptive country, is perhaps the contemporary artist who best represents the connection between Spanish and Filipino art.

In its efforts to promote outstanding women on National Women’s Month, an exhibit in honor of Ms. Westendorp was initially programmed for March 14. However, it did not push through due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Instead, Instituto Cervantes created a short documentary which gives viewers a tour of the exhibit and includes an exclusive interview in which the artist talks about her life and her work.

The highlight of the exhibit is Ms. Westendorp’s painting Passage, which is of special significance for the artist. Also in the exhibit are works of various Filipino and Spanish artists —  Phyllis Zaballero, Ivi Avellana Cosio, Marivic Rufino, Vicky Zubiri, Eva Baró, Carmen Brias, Cristina Grisar and Inma Ortoll — with which they pay tribute to Westendorp.

The documentary will be followed by an interview with artists Phyllis Zaballero and Marivic Rufino, as well as Tina Colayco, president of the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, and finally, a message from Ms. Westendorp herself.

Creadoras: A Tribute to Betsy Westendorp is presented by Instituto Cervantes and the Embassy of Spain in the Philippines, with the collaboration of the Intramuros Administration and the contributing artists, as well as Manila-born Spanish musician Luis Eduardo Aute.

The link for the event is Access is free of charge and open to all. For further information visit or the Facebook page of Instituto Cervantes: