The Dam Easy Flood Barrier is touted as the world’s first off-the-shelf flood defense system. — COMPANY HANDOUT

By Adrian Paul B. Conoza
Special Features Writer

ALL Weather Industries (AWI) in partnership with Scottsdale Corp. recently introduced the Dam Easy Flood Barrier, a revolutionary tool for preventing floods in houses and buildings, in the Philippines.

Now available in 28 countries, the Dam Easy Flood Barrier is said to be the world’s first off-the-shelf flood defense system that can be easily installed without any fixings. It prevents flood water up to 600 millimeters (mm) high from seeping through exterior openings. With its adjustability, Dam Easy can cover reveal widths from 780 mm to 1,100 mm with a single barrier.

During the launch event, AWI chief executive officer and co-founder Brian Mooney said the Dam Easy Flood Barrier was created to develop a universal product that can block flooding quicker and better than other systems.

He added that the Dam Easy Flood Barrier is a standalone system, unlike preexisting systems that can be damaged over time and thus have to be entirely replaced.

Cheriza Manalang, president of Scottsdale Corporation — the exclusive distributor of Dam Easy in the Philippines, said that Dam Easy relieves homeowners of the hassle of building pre-fixed panels.

Dam Easy’s barrier weighs 20 kilograms and is approximately two feet high. Ms. Manalang cited a study from the Federal Emergency Management Agency in the United States for the reason for such design.

“In that study, they found out that if you block off floodwater beyond two feet, you are actually compromising the structure of the building,” she said.

Dam Easy features a patented pneumatic pump action seal around the barrier which creates a watertight seal around the door when installed. It also has side panels which can be extended depending on the door’s width. A ratchet handle, together with a direction switch, allows those panels to be extended. A pump handle, located at the top of the barrier, inflates the watertight seal.

At the back of the panel, a pressure gauge indicates whether the seal is sufficiently inflated. A nearby air retention valve keeps the seal inflated, while an air release button deflates that seal once the barrier is no longer in use. The flood barrier also comes with a unique storage system which preserves the barrier when not in use.

Dam Easy Flood Barrier can be installed in three easy steps. The barrier is first positioned in the doorway. The side panels are then extended using the ratchet handle with the door switch placed upwards. The pump handle is then used to inflate the watertight seal, which is then secured by turning the air retention valve to the closed position. Returning the valve to the open position and pressing the air release button deflates the seal.

Dam Easy also offers a security cover which can be attached to the flood barrier to protect it from tampering and from being removed. With the extension pole, the barrier can cover openings from 1100 mm to about 3300 mm. Dam Easy recommends that the seal should be replaced after every 12 months.

In addition, Dam Easy provides sandless bag solutions against low-level flooding.

Its HydroPack is designed to create a free-standing barrier to stop or restrict flowing water. It absorbs up to 13 liters (L) of water. HydroSack, meanwhile, can absorb up to 20 L of water and is designed to fit into openings and door wells. HydroSnake, on the other hand, is 120 centimeters in length and can be spread across open areas to divert any flow of water.

Dam Easy also has a Toilet Dam which can block any width or shape of the toilet pan against sewage backflow during a flood.

In terms of the cost, Ms. Manalang said the Dam Easy Flood Barrier is one of the most economical ways of protecting homes.

“In the market, we are actually one of the lowest in terms of flood protection and solutions,” she said.

Guaranteeing the quality of the flood barrier, she noted that the makers of the barrier “really found the best materials and equipment to come up with such a quality product.”

Moreover, she emphasized that the Dam Easy Flood Barrier is a worthy investment for protecting homes against the costly damage in appliances and furniture as well as priceless items like photo albums.