TWITTER, INC. announced on Thursday it is making its in-stream video advertisements available globally and has forged partnerships with local companies ABS-CBN Corp. and GMA Network, Inc.
In a statement, the social media platform said: “Previously, in-stream video ads were limited to the markets in which publishers are based, but in many cases, publishers have a global following. With this capacity, publishers can now monetize their organic following outside of their home country.”
In-stream videos are advertisements that are played at the beginning of a video content. According to its website, Twitter said what it does is pair an ad with a video content it finds relevant to the product.
In his prepared presentation for DigiCon 2018, which was presented to journalists on Wednesday, Twitter Managing Director for Southeast Asia Arvinder Gujral said the social media site is an ideal platform for advertisers as it allows its users to customize their feeds according to their interests.
“This is not a social network. This is the largest social interest network. Big difference. Social network is for relationships. Social interest network is banked on your passions and things you find interesting,” he said.
He noted users watch videos on Twitter 3.5 times longer than in other platforms, citing results from a neuroscience study the company commissioned a few months ago.
“People watch videos on Twitter far longer than in any other platform. Why? In other platforms they get interrupted. You are there to see your friends and families (and the content they share). On Twitter, (videos) come contextually on a timeline you have created,” he said.
He added, “If my timeline is all about gadgets… and a new smartphone ad launch comes in, chances are that’s going to be watched way higher than if my timeline was full of (varied content).”
Mr. Gujral also said Twitter users in the Philippines are a very interesting market, as the median age of users are within 16 to 24 years old, while 42% have a bachelor’s degree or higher.
“It’s largely the millennials that are coming to Twitter, and this is an audience that is very difficult to get for marketers and agencies. And this is the platform where they are very receptive,” he said.
With the announcement of its partnership with ABS-CBN and GMA, Mr. Gujral noted Twitter users in the Philippines are a very television-led market.
“If you look at the conversations, there are many TV-led conversations on the platform. The top 10 hashtags, those are TV-led conversations happening. Which is slightly unique to the Philippines. You don’t see that in every market,” he said.
He added with this insight, Twitter could be seen as an effective supplement to TV shows and events.
Twitter said its partnership with ABS-CBN will involve mostly its entertainment and sports programs, while with GMA it will be for its news content and some TV series. — Denise A. Valdez