THE Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) said a Slovakia-based company will set up a first-class hospital within the economic zone.
In a statement released on Friday, the investment promotion agency said it recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Commerce Slovakia Corp. for the development of a hospital.
CEZA did not disclose the amount of investment for the hospital, but assured it “will be done in record time as opposed to the average of five to ten years to set up and build a traditional hospital.”
Commerce Slovakia was quoted as saying the hospital’s operations will be up to par with global standards.
It added hospital will “radically improve the quality of service and infrastructure for patients, workers, tourists and all the people in the region in the years to come.”
CEZA Secretary Raul L. Lambino said the Slovak firm is now in the “process of project development in relation to the services it shall provide immediately and will provide in the future.”
Mr. Lambino expects the hospital to generate jobs as well as attract medical tourists to the region.
“This is the beginning of a new era of health care in our region. With it, we can attract new investors and spark tourism activities,” he said. — J.C.Lim