By Justine Irish D. Tabile, Reporter

MPT Mobility Corp., the innovations arm of Metro Pacific Tollways Corp. (MPTC), has submitted an unsolicited proposal worth P2.5 billion to provide technology-driven mobility solutions to a local government unit (LGU).

Leo Emmanuel K. Gonzales, assistant vice-president for corporate affairs at MPT Mobility, told reporters on Monday that the project is with a local government unit outside Metro Manila.

According to Mr. Gonzales, the investment amount was decided as a “result of a comprehensive study of the target city and only after many months of collaborative discussions, research and analysis.”

The proposal is part of the company’s thrust to provide “Smart Urban Mobility Solutions” to local government units.

“[These] are integrated and interconnected systems tailor-fit to the needs of the target city,” said Mr. Gonzales, who declined to identify the city, which he said will make the announcement.

Among the services that the company will provide under the proposal are advanced traffic management solutions, area-based monitoring and enforcement capabilities, a smart command center, smart parking systems, efficient public transportation and fleet management solutions, peak-hour congestion pricing solutions, and roadside assistance support.

These integrated services are expected to help create more efficient transportation systems, reduce congestion, and promote road safety among their constituents.

“The contract period will vary depending on the systems and solutions that the local government unit and MPT Mobility decide to pursue,” Mr. Gonzales said.

The innovations company also seeks to approach other key urban centers to pursue discussions and studies with their local government.

“Each urban center is unique, so the solutions we can offer them may be varied,” said Mr. Gonzales. “[There are] no specific plans yet for the rollout but we are considering three to four urban centers to start discussions with.”

He added that the project will be of no cost to the government. However, the local government is expected to enforce policies and regulations as well as property that will help in pushing for better mobility.

The project will be in partnership with multinational smart city technology provider Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd., which Mr. Gonzales said has more than 800 smart city developments around the world.

MPTC is the tollways unit of Metro Pacific Investments Corp., one of three key Philippine units of Hong Kong-based First Pacific Co. Ltd., the others being Philex Mining Corp. and PLDT Inc.

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