LISTED diversified telecommunications company PT&T Corp. said it is working with Kacific Broadband Satellites Ltd., a Singapore-based next-generation broadband satellite operator, to “offer high-speed satellite internet at a more economical cost.”

PT&T intends to expand its presence across the country in order to meet growing demand, a company official said.

The company has launched its latest very small aperture terminal (VSAT) product in partnership with Kacific.

“As the new normal calls for people to follow social distancing and lockdown protocols, the need for reliable internet that is efficient and sustainable has never been timelier and more important, especially in the remote areas,” PT&T Senior Vice-President Ella Mae Ortega said in an e-mailed statement over the weekend.

The company said its broadband satellite internet services is powered by Kacific’s high-throughput Ka-band satellite Kacific1, which spans the Asia-Pacific region.

“The satellite’s beams are received by VSATs, which are small, roof-mounted dishes that transmit and receive data, voice, and video signals over a satellite communication network,” it noted.

“Ka-band technology is designed specifically to provide reliable, high-speed broadband internet to rural and remote populations through concentrated spot beams and simple easy-to-install onsite 1.2m antennas which is cheaper than larger dishes of other VSAT technologies,” it added.

Kacific’s Chief Commercial Officer Brandon Seir said the partnership is expected to further strengthen his company’s position “as a provider who can seamlessly connect rural enterprise, government and residential customers.”

“We will follow a common goal to deliver affordable internet connectivity nationwide and join the rally in driving digital transformation in the country,” he added. — Arjay L. Balinbin