Globe Telecom, Inc. has reached its target of laying one million fiber-to-the-home lines ahead of its year-end deadline. 

Part of Globe’s P70 billion in capital expenditures for the year, the fiber lines were rolled out to meet rising demand for fast internet while people work from home during the pandemic. 

“With rollouts in full swing, we expect to sustain the momentum until the end of the year,”  Globe Senior Vice President for Program Delivery, Network Technical Group Joel R. Agustin said. 

“All of our regional teams delivered big numbers especially in Luzon that helped reach our aspiration despite the continuing challenges of the pandemic.” 

The telco has been reaching out to Globe At Home customers connected to old facilities and plans to upgrade their lines. 

Fiber connection improves internet speed compared to copper lines. 

“Fiber provides high-speed internet allowing customers to send data at much higher bandwidths, download or upload large files faster, stream high-definition videos and webinars, and use multiple online programs to run simultaneously to name a few of its benefits and advantages,” Globe said. — Jenina P. Ibañez