PHILIPPINE FamilyMart CVS, Inc. is set to launch three convenience stores in Cebu this week.

The retail company owned by Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc. will be opening compact stores in two fuel stations at V. Rama and Banilad and a stand-alone shop in Banawa on October 28.

“There has been a clamor from our loyal customers in Cebu,” FamilyMart General Manager Bernard C. Suiza was quoted as saying in a disclosure to the stock exchange, Monday.

“Made possible through our franchisees, we will innovatively showcase our blockbuster products to Cebuanos in the most convenient and safest format possible,” the official added.

The company said the compact store format is ideal for get-and-go transactions during this time of a pandemic. Motorists will be aided by station personnel so they don’t have to get out of their vehicles. 

“This is our way of providing our business partners another channel for added revenue while offering more value to customers as we bring our stores closer to more communities,” Mr. Suiza said.

As part of its safety initiatives, FamilyMart earlier introduced an online ordering and delivery system and the FamilyMart on Wheels concept, which goes around neighbors to offer basic goods.

Phoenix Petroleum acquired the franchise for the Japanese retail company in 2017.

Shares in Phoenix fell by 3.86% to close at P12.96 on Monday. — Adam J. Ang