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First Shoshin recently announced its healthtech venture JoJoCare as a response to the general public’s limited mobility brought about by the enhanced community quarantine. JoJoCare, a holistic healthcare app that helps people connect with qualified practitioners and get expert advice fast, is now in its soft launch.

The founders shared that they named the platform after their go-to friend for sourcing goods from the United States. Like their ever-reliable pal, JoJoCare bridges barriers, connecting users with licensed doctors and lawyers, yoga teachers, fitness trainers, and tutors ready to accept virtual bookings.

Sally Ponce-Enrile, JoJoCare Chairperson, sees the app as an opportunity to make these essential needs accessible to all. “We want to help more people by offering holistic health and wellness-related services at competitive prices under one platform. At the same time, we want to help professionals to continue earning and providing their services even when in-person visits aren’t possible,” explained Ponce-Enrile. The company says it does not get a cut from professional fees; practitioners get the complete amount of whatever they charge for their virtual consultations.

Healthcare in the digital era

JoJoCare is set to onboard more vetted professionals to make the platform comprehensive and all-embracing. “We’re excited to bring something that’s never been done before and that’s making JoJoCare as the all-in-one platform for accessing and offering a variety of virtual care services that will ultimately allow everyone to experience what better, faster, and holistic care means on the verge of a new era,” added Ponce-Enrile.

Telehealth services is about providing service when people need it most, as well as protecting life in new ways. JoJoCare is among a growing number of providers that seeks to ease the healthcare strain brought about by the pandemic.

You can now sign up for JoJoCare and book a virtual visit with its professionals. Membership fees start at Php 250. per month. Those interested to join and become a JoJoCare professional can visit