An in-depth publication of financial information

BEYOND BRINGING NEWS on business and the economy through print and online platforms, BusinessWorld also publishes a comprehensive source of financial information of the largest stock corporations in the country.

A firm purpose for disruptive times

THE CORONAVIRUS DISEASE 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has brought big disruptions across industries. Priorities had to be changed as much as work modes have. Yet, amid the shifts, purposes and duties have largely remained the same.

Expanding BusinessWorld’s presence in the virtual world

THE VIRTUAL WORLD has vast capacities. As more people explore such space for information, especially at the onset of COVID-19 lockdowns, BusinessWorld maximizes several of those digital platforms to reach more audiences, partner with more advertisers, and connect the business community.

Slowly recovering amid the ongoing pandemic

THE PHILIPPINE automotive industry is gradually picking up from the impacts of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), which has largely hampered mobility and has reshaped how industry players offer their products and services as well as what consumers are looking for in a vehicle.

Maneuvering past crisis: Trends in the global auto industry

The year 2020 was one to remember for the country’s carmakers. The COVID-19 crisis has wreaked havoc on economic activity as markets come to grips with the quarantine measures and lockdowns, and the auto industry felt that impact in full force.

FIST Law to cast safety net for banks

MONETARY AUTHORITIES have repeatedly said the banking industry still has sufficient resources and buffers, but amid the rising soured loans, it still pays to have a safety net for banks should they be overburdened with these nonperforming assets (NPAs).

Vaccine rollouts, coronavirus surge, and stricter lockdowns: Financial markets on a spin in first...

FINANCIAL MARKETS in the first quarter of 2021 continued to be driven by developments surrounding the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic with the arrival of vaccines lifting investor sentiment in the early part of the quarter before being offset by the renewed strict lockdowns due to a fresh surge in coronavirus cases.

NPLs, economic recovery to guide bank stocks

ANALYSTS remain cautiously optimistic on bank stocks amid uncertainties surrounding the prospects of easing lockdown restrictions and the pace of vaccinations, which would influence demand for loans as well as the willingness of banks to lend.

Just how many airports does the National Capital Region really need?

The pandemic found the government in the midst of an airport building frenzy, no doubt based on ambitious assumptions for financial returns before COVID-19 shut the world down. But now that travel demand is going to be depressed for the foreseeable future and the airlines the airports were meant to serve as gleaming new home bases hanging on precariously, many of the projects could be in for a hard rethink, because by the time they are all built or upgraded, the travel volumes they were designed around might not be there for years.

The race to get the power industry ready for imported LNG

THE TRANSITION to imported natural gas was dictated by the impending depletion of the Philippines’ only indigenous provider of the resource, the Malampaya project. Malampaya provides fuel to natural gas-fired power plants in Batangas, which account for around 30% of the Luzon grid’s power needs. But with the field’s commercially viable reserves expected to run out by 2024, the power industry is racing to build out the infrastructure needed to bring in the gas and keep the power plants running.