Biofuels industry seen to need tweaking for maximum potential

THE COUNTRY’s biofuels industry still needs fine-tuning to achieve its full potential amid issues on pricing and supply, experts and participants in the sector said.

From survival to growth: The BusinessWorld pandemic story

“Any advertising that would tend to draw crowds is to be refrained from,” a notice read, advising business owners to “(a)void crowding your store” and to “(k)eep all clean and sanitary,” while another noted that those “who generally throng the shops at this season of the year are staying home; but, on the other hand, a much bigger business is being done in delivery orders.”(1)

Trying to get a read on the unpredictable post-pandemic economy

IT’S BEEN about a year and a half since the first hard lockdown was declared in March 2020, and everyone has spent the past months basically winging it, with no firm roadmap emerging as yet for how the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has reordered the world, or for how it may be about to reorder it some more before everything is done.

Infrastructure companies looking for the next big thing as the pandemic drags on

INFRASTRUCTURE COMPANIES are focused on finding new opportunities as they contend with pandemic disruptions to their operations as some construction markets dry up, while juggling an imminent full-scale migration to innovative building methods and data-driven processes.

Satellite solutions: Filling in Mindanao’s digital gaps

THE PANDEMIC highlighted digital connectivity as a need and not a want, on par with basics like food, water and electricity.

Goodbye office, hello hometown: Will remote work open up the countryside?

AFTER HIS MOTHER was diagnosed as terminally ill with cancer, it was time for Kenneth Tirado to come home. With the pandemic leaving many industries no choice but to work from home, he flew to Iloilo in March and from there was able to continue what he had been doing in Quezon City.

How businesses can bounce back better post-pandemic

How can businesses bounce back better after the pandemic?

The future of the office is up for negotiation

March 15, 2020 will be long remembered as the date people living in the lockdown zone lost their freedom of movement. But when the fallout from the pandemic clears and with the perspective afforded by time and ample reflection, it may also be viewed as a turning point for how people live, play, study, travel, consume — and perhaps most salient of all, work.

The future of work and workers

Of late, there have been numerous articles appearing in both domestic and international media about the “future of work.”  Understandably, most of them focus on such topics as working from home; closing the future skills gap in the digital sector; achieving more productive, efficient and meaningful interactions through innovative workplace technologies; and similar trends that have been intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In navigating e-commerce, new online sellers need help too

WITH mall shopping now a distant memory for many, how has the process of enticing customers to buy your wares changed in the e-commerce age?