Continuing on the path to growth via PPPs

AS WE ENTER a new phase in the country’s history, I am confident that with a clear vision and plan for the country; close collaboration between the private sector and government; and the perseverance to steadfastly continue along the path of economic reform, the country can certainly bounce back from the pandemic and create a solid platform for growth.

The birth of the Philippine ‘techglomerate’

THANK YOU for the honor and privilege of sharing an article on this special BusinessWorld 35th anniversary issue, focused on moving “Forward Faster.” This theme resonates deeply with all of us at the Aboitiz Group because it summarily describes what we’ve been doing for the past 100 years and what we intend to keep doing in the next hundred and beyond, which is to continuously accelerate our growth into the future through innovation.

Pushing forward and growing together

AS BUSINESSWORLD marks its 35th year in an ever-changing and fast-paced industry, it must have recognized the need to move forward even faster, remaining agile and constantly overcoming the challenges of this pandemic.

Unfinished business in Bangsamoro

THE NEW Philippine leadership is inheriting a Bangsamoro Region that is at its most peaceful in recent years, and where economic prospects are most auspicious since the 1970s when the armed separatist movement was born.

As food security issues weigh on the Philippines: Here is where fisheries management might...

FISHERIES are a vital source of nutrition, jobs, and community well-being for millions of Filipinos — and yet they are increasingly at risk from climate change, overfishing and data-poor management structures.

The jobs outlook: Take care of farmers and the rest will follow

CHEAPER FOOD, more jobs, and a continued focus on infrastructure were among President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr.’s promises when he ran in the 2022 presidential election. He urged migrant workers to return and help rebuild the economy.

As gov’t scrambles to achieve food security, it mustn’t forget about climate change

CLIMATE CHANGE is expected to reduce agricultural productivity and disrupt food availability if the government does not integrate mitigation measures in future policy, analysts said.

Marcos stakes his presidency on agriculture

PRESIDENT Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr.’s decision to appoint himself Agriculture Secretary dispenses with the usual expedient of appointing a fall guy to a difficult Cabinet post, to be fired later as needed, to insulate the Chief Executive from all blame.

A consensus is forming around agri, tech as the hot new investment areas

BETWEEN 1980 and 2010, the Philippines established its reputation as the “sick man of Asia,” growing by only 3.6% annually -— much slower than the “Tiger economies” of East Asia, which grew by over 6% a year over the same period.

Earth Day is the worst time to be planting trees

MANY PEOPLE want to plant trees on Earth Day, April 22, which is in the middle of our summer. We don’t encourage planting on that day. We tell our partners, unless you’re planting in your own backyard, do not have any illusions about planting on Earth Day.

What I’ve learned after helping write the 1987 Constitution

WITH EVERY CHANGE of administration comes the question of what needs to change, and what needs to be retained. In this episode of BusinessWorld B-Side podcast, multimedia reporter Patricia B. Mirasol takes a look back at how the 1987 Philippine Constitution was drafted with Bernardo M. Villegas, an economist and one of its framers.

Preparing the workforce for the digital job market

THE EMPLOYMENT LANDSCAPE has forever changed due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, something the new administration must address, especially for a workforce that is still struggling to adapt to the new normal.
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