The clock is ticking: The office of the future is here

ASIDE FROM the current and impending global economic challenges seeping through the local economy, attracting employees back to the office remains one of the top concerns faced by corporates and employers.

Banking on the Philippine property industry’s recovery

THE Philippine economy is definitely on its way to recovery and Colliers Philippines believes that will have a significant impact on the property market’s own recovery.

Shaping the future of real estate in cities Version 2.0

BY THE TIME this article is published, I would have clocked in a full 26 years in the corporate real estate industry. I started the same time that talks began on the redevelopment of Fort Bonifacio and Makati City was clearly the top central business district with few capable of competing on sheer scale, Ortigas Center being the closest.

The rise of neighborhood malls: How malls are changing in the post-pandemic era

THE MALL CULTURE is deeply ingrained in Filipinos, pandemic or not. With around 65.3% of the eligible population (about 71.6 million individuals) vaccinated against COVID-19, more people are seeking a sense of normalcy by going to malls to shop, dine, and socialize.

Smart cities aren’t just an infrastructure play: They are also massive social experiments

PLANNING a smart city is not simply an exercise in deploying the most wondrous new technology. If the Philippines’ planners have their way, future city architecture will serve as a tool for making prosperity more broad-based, and attractiveness to investors more sustained. In other words, the building works may be critically important on the surface, but the social engineering may matter more in the long run.

Powering up an archipelago with microgrids

A QUICK SEARCH on the internet for “Philippine map at night” will invariably return satellite images showing the country lit up by evening lights. It’s easy to spot the National Capital Region and neighboring areas since they appear as a glowing streak stretching from Pampanga in the north to Batangas in the south. Metro Manila, at the center, shines with a fierce intensity which reflects the population density and electricity use in the area

Healing our healthcare system

THE WORLD never anticipated the global medical and economic freeze from COVID-19, but this is now part of a regular cadence of pandemics that we should continuously prepare for. 

Still the best seats in the house? The cautious return of the cinema industry

LOCKDOWNS and restrictions imposed at the height of the pandemic saw cinemas and other places of public entertainment shuttered for almost two years. Late in 2021, movie theaters started opening again. In the interim, streaming services and other media stepped in to meet audience demand for entertainment. Are cinemas still the best seats in the house?

Museums in the Philippines: Looking forward post-pandemic

MUSEUMS are keepers of memories. Over centuries, vast collections and archives have been gathered to record and preserve fragments of history in an attempt to capture an essence of society, nature, and cultural heritage.

CARS, chargers

By Manny N. De Los Reyes
AFTER SEVERAL ups and downs in our two-and-a-half-year battle with COVID-19 and its various variants, we seem to be, finally, in a more stable period wherein we can truly look forward to a prolonged and hopefully sustained recovery stage for our battered economy and mindset.

The Velocity Q&A: Vince S. Socco (Chairman, GT Capital Auto and Mobility Holdings Director,...

A HIGHLY regarded industry veteran with extensive experience in local, regional, and global headquarter responsibilities, Vince S. Socco was significantly involved in the start-up of business operations of Toyota in the Philippines, as well as its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Singapore. All told, Mr. Socco has had some four decades of involvement with the brand and its Lexus luxury marque.

Quo vadis?

By Kap Maceda Aguila
NOT A FEW people are saying that we’re now in post-pandemic times. That’s an incredibly brazen idea to foist upon the public because, well, it just isn’t true.
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